White Kitchens

Looking for inspiration for your new kitchen, or thinking about giving your old kitchen cabinets a lift? White may be where it’s at!  White can open up a space and make it appear larger and airier and provide a crisp, clean contrast to other colors in the room.  Bear in mind white is not just white. There are shades from warm and earthy to cool and stark, so you are sure to find one that fits your project.

Please peruse these photos and be inspired to freshen up your kitchen!


Frohlich Painting & Wallpaper Enters a New Generation

Company founder Dennis Frohlich retired January 1st 2015 after over 45 years in the painting business handing ownership to his nephew Chris Frohlich, a seasoned painter, who will run the company with the same professionalism and level of craftsmanship as his uncle.  Not only does Chris have the trade skills to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership, he also holds bachelor and masters degrees and has the business experience to make him a good owner.

Dennis will remain behind the scenes and provide expertise when needed, as well as much needed help in the summer painting season.  Congratulations Dennis and Chris!

Exterior Painting Time Lapse

Here we are getting a job done in record time! Sometimes I wish we could work so quickly, especially when the outside painting season is coming to an end and there are still jobs left to finish.

Although it may be getting too late in the season to book exterior painting with us, it is the perfect time to schedule your interior painting and decorating work for the winter. We would also be pleased to schedule your exterior painting for the spring/summer of 2015.